+ Increasing your sales

EGGO Projects can help you build your market, by helping you locate and contract a distributor and agent route to market.

We have built up a large database of contacts to market leading companies and smaller, more focused companies. We have most of our contacts in Europe, but in some fields we have contacts in North America, Middle East and Asia.
We have helped companies in retail, fire and security, healthcare and B2B product manufacturers in building up their contacts and distributors.
We have learnt (sometimes the hard way) the difference between choosing the right and wrong distributors, and actively search out the correct match for you. We know that there are benefits to be found with small, driven companies whose focus is on you, and also with the larger businesses who have the large reaching routes to market.
Let us discuss with you about your business, help you build up your marketing plan and then we can help you find this right partners.